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Exceptional Veterinary Care in an Award-Winning Hospital

At Pacific Animal Hospital, our doctors and staff are highly trained, compassionate, and kind. We understand that pets are beloved members of the family and work with our clients to provide the best medical care possible for their animal companions.

Our doctors and support staff are expected to increase their level of expertise and keep up with the continuously changing and growing knowledge base and technology in our profession.

We are advocates for the pet and always offer the best and most appropriate care available. We do not turn away clients and patients needing our help; therefore, we accept emergencies and urgent care appointments during business hours.

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Veterinary Information Network

Pacific Animal Hospital’s doctors are members of VIN, the Veterinary Information Network. VIN provides an online, immediate, and up-to-date medical resource for our doctors. We are able to consult with board-certified veterinary specialists and access a vast database of current information concerning every aspect of veterinary care. With over 40,000 members, VIN provides our doctors with the collective experience and knowledge of thousands of veterinarians and immediate access to the latest information regarding the treatment of your pet.

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Mission & Purpose

Our award-winning facility enhances our commitment to excellence in medical and surgical care while supporting our mission; to provide the highest quality veterinary care with kindness, compassion, and integrity. This mission supports our purpose: to enrich and protect the special relationship between pets and the people who love them.

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